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Prince Zahra Blanc


Although all information on this page may be learned ICly with relatively little effort, it should not be assumed that your character automatically knows it unless you have a reason to know it or have been actively asking around about it.

Character Information

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Dawn Lloyd
Character: Zahra Blanc
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Former prince, now bloodhunted by His Grace
Status: 0
Domain: Avignon, France
VST: Trade Winds VST

Name: Zahra Blanc

Clan: Tremere

Notable Traits:

Title or Position:
Former Prince of Avignon
Head of the Special Council on Blood Magic Registration and Regulation Enforcement (SCBMRRE)
Patron of CamNET

Camarilla Coteries/Societies:
The White Line
Special Council on Blood Magic Registration and Regulation Enforcement

Information Known by Kindred Society

Close-Up Puppets.JPG
"My Shoes are too tight, but it doesn't matter because I've forgotten how to dance."---Londo Mollari, Babylon 5

Zahra Blanc occasionally talks wistfully of her mortal life (early 1200s) traveling the Silk Road with a performing troupe, whence came her fascination and love of puppetry, a craft she still practices to this night.

She didn't change too significantly when she entered kindred society, although she gave up the puppets, juggling, pickpocketing, and con games for transporting thaumaturgical items, stolen vitae, rare tomes, staked Nosferatu, and anything else the Pyramid needed moved (1200s-1500). Well, truthfully, she didn't give up the puppets, juggling, pickpocketing, or con games, but she did add formal couriering to her professional repertoire.

But time passes for everyone, and a lot of time passes for kindred. Eventually (1500-present) she realized that if she wanted to continue her rise through kindred society, she needed to settle down and become a proper elder. She returned to her original home of Avignon, France, and began focusing on doing exactly that.

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And proper she became.

And proper Tremere she became.

And proper elder she became.

There is a reason Tremere elders have the reputation they do.

She began studying kindred genetics, creating what would become informally known as The White Line, composed of as many "bastard" childer and descendents as "true." She welcomed Caitiff under the protection of the Tremere, provided she could study them. (Few Caitiff have been inclined to accept the offer, and even fewer kindred blame them.) She's quick to argue that her research has never broken either the Traditions or the Tremere Code, and aura perceptions confirm it, but there are still those who quietly note that some ladies do, indeed, protest too much.

Although not a warrior by any stretch of even a Malkavian's imagination, she organized and led the retaking of Avignon from the Sabbat (1875), claiming praxis immediately after. She has held the position since. The Avignon court leans toward the conservative. The Traditions are strictly enforced. The pillar clans are always welcome. Caitiff are welcomed, so long as they'll meet with her privately. Giovanni are allowed. Setites are tolerated. Assamites aren't tolerated. Ravnos are in their own special category.

Nowanights, few would recognize the once free-spirit that existed upwards of a millennia ago. She is simply another reserved Tremere with a vindictive streak and a slightly sadistic sense of humor.


  • Rarely appears the same more than one night in a row, although she will casually confirm her identity through telepathy or any other means someone wishes.
  • Doesn't react well to being addressed by name instead of title or honorific.
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  • She's one of the reasons the Tremere have a historical reputation for being untrustworthy.
  • She conditions people for fun.
  • She's responsible for creating more Caitiff than the Gangrel.
  • She's a member of the nefarious organization The True Dusk
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From Prince Blanc

  • "Yes, well, I tend to work behind the scenes. That's probably why I'm a Tremere and not a Ravnos."
  • "Soldiering is not something I would do well at. I suppose that's why I'm Tremere and not Brujah."
  • (To a member of CamNET) "I have found the internet to be troubling and inconvenient. I would like you to stop it from working."
  • "What is the purpose of power? Why would you even ask such a silly question. The purpose of power is, naturally, to amass more power."
  • (On why she set about destroying a new rival) "I didn't like the gift she gave me. And I was bored."
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From Others

  • "In my home-country, there is a saying: 'Az ördög nem alszik'. It applies to her sense of vigilance." - Eileen Vargas
  • "As a newly released fledgling, I was sent to Prince Zahra as my first tutor. She was my introductory window into the cannibalistic world of Tremere Clan politics. I can honestly say that without the lessons she taught me, the Glass Pyramid would never have been born." - Captain Sawyer
  • "I will always have a map and a stone for Zahra. She has only to close her eyes and I will say 'Now!' " - Lazuli
  • "I love a good idea, and paired with a calculated risk, who was I to refuse Prince Blanc? Her quiet smile, her self-assured nature, her dedication, these are the things that are inspiring and unexpected about her. These are the traits that have lead her to move mountains." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "Centuries later, the lessons learned under her mentoring are no less true or paramount. Akin to an older sibling, one might say." - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "Ask her about her puppets. No seriously...<grin>" - Byron Lancaster
  • "A most inventive Prince." - Margareta Sasul
  • "What do I think of Prince Blanc? A con, a swindler, a degenerate gambler and hustler before the word was even invented?!? I think I'd rather spend 10 years forced to live in the Domain of Detroit than one night in Avignon. At least with the Giovanni I know the con going in, and the fleece is limited to my soul." - Oliver Mayne
  • "Dedicated, determined, and a Pillar of Clan Tremere and the Camarilla." Dion Mondragon
  • "A practical and brilliant mind, I wish she had felt what I had, perhaps then I could have convinced her of my path. I still hold out hope that one day she will understand the choices I have made and see their necessity." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "She's good friends with my sire. It should come as no surprise, then, that I have the same feelings for her as I do for him." -William Davenport
  • "Tremere you say? Prince you say? Nah.... I don't fuckin' buy it." -X
  • "I can honestly say that I'm honored to know her, the lessons I learned in Avignon taught me to be who I am today, and I would be dead if it was not for Zahra." - Sterling Thorne
  • "Prince Zahra has changed my life more then anyone else except for one other person for better or worse." - Zoe De Medici
  • "She is one of my favorite business partners. The good ole days, she made them smart, and I made them pretty." - Eddie Monsoon
  • "It was through Destiny that I met Zahra and I owe them both my life." - Sonya Boswell
  • "Prince, staunch Camarilla supporter, friend. Knows what she is doing, and does it well." - Matthieu Eremit
  • "You and I, Zahra, we know the savage precipice from which principles may tumble at the urging of blood." - Artimpasa
  • "She is an example we should all strive to follow. I only hope she has not lost herself as so many have before her." - Henry Reuben
  • "Prince Blanc has inspired me to think creatively and to develop my ideas no matter how farfetched or complex. I appreciate her guidance, and see her as an example to strive for, the star to reach."-Erica Kain
  • "I...I'd rather not."-Lydia Brooks
  • "I know she is hiding something from me... I can see it in her mannerisms. She may not approve of my fate, but that is moot at this point."-Calvin Hastings
  • "Prince Blanc straddles the line between old world class and new world savior-faire with the precision and grace of a ballerina. Or a fencer. She is on that very short list of kindred who both terrify and inspire me."-Arden
  • "I have had occasion to meet Prince Blanc on her frequent visits to the Pacific Northwest. She has always impressed me with her curiosity, even if the intensity of it can be occasionally disconcerting. I hope that I will still be driven to learn new things when I've reached her age."- A. Winchester
  • "She saved me and in no uncertain terms efficiently informed me of my place. I only ever strive to be of use to her and her domain." - Parker
  • "A courteous host, entertaining yet strong, polite yet ineffable in her pursuit of the Ivory Tower." - Jonathan Spencer-Allsop
  • Pinocchio has cut her strings. Where she wanders now, is up to her." - Rand Ryan
  • "Aun- Prince Blanc will teach you things, and while you may not always enjoy the method, the lesson is one you will hold dear for the rest of your existence." - Josephine Blanc
  • "There are so few women in this world who are powerful and cunning without being obvious and offensive. She is, indeed, in rare company." - Orenna Komnenos
  • " I share a deep connection and bond that only a childe and her sire can have. She has taught me how to be the most graceful, yet intimidating Tremere I can be. I've studied long and well with her, and I am forever indebted to her." - Primogen Angelique DuMont of San Francisco

Character ties sought

I'm open to any and all character ties, both positive and negative.

Ties I'm particularly interested in:

  • Lineage (both traditional & experimental embraces, as well as other clans & Caitiff)
  • Fellow con artists/tricksters
  • Fellow couriers/travelers
  • Fellow elders/princes/etc.

Lineage; The White Line

Progenitor of the lineage.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Avignon, France
Player: Dawn Lloyd
Storyteller: Alicia C.

Player: Dawn Lloyd

Membership Number: US2002022740

Location: Trade Winds/Afghanistan