Zoe De Medici

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Zoe De Medici

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Allison L.
Character: Zoe De Medici
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Status: 6
Domain: Mt. Pleasant, MI
VST: Jayson T.

Character Information

Last Photo of Zoe taken before her embrace

Name: Zoe De Medici

Clan: Tremere


  • Acknowledged
  • Noble as Primogen
  • Favored by Maxwell Jacobs
  • Favored by Elder
  • "Victorious" by Elder |Dorian Ash
  • "Courteous' by Prince Lucien

Notable Traits:

  • Blush of Health
  • Eat Food
  • Is known for wearing short skirts and always carrying her laptop with her

Title or Positon:

  • Tremere Primogen of Mt. Pleasant
  • Admin of CamNET



  • She goes by many different names.
  • While Zoe is married to Rinadlo she often seeks out other lovers in an effort to make him jealous, and pay more attention to her... Such as the Giovanni.
  • Zoe once went to a party in Detroit and never went back
  • She wears a vial of blood around her neck. But whose?
  • Many wonder why she was chosen as Servire to Archon Vesper, some speculate that she was chosen to make another Toreador jealous.
  • Lost her underwear during her last trip to Grand Rapids.
  • Desperately wishes she was a Toreador, and as such has tried to befriend as many of them as possible.
  • Not as reliable as you might think...
  • Has a thing for older men, don't even try if you don't have 3 centuries under you belt.
  • Zoe visits San Juan so often because she has a love interest there.
  • Zoe had a ghoul named Darien gifted to her for the sole purpose of making former, present, and future lovers jealous. And it worked.


  • "Mlle. De Medici is the wife of my clanmate Rinadlo, serves my other clanmate Samuel as servire and serves our Prince Jack as his Tremere primogen. One woman beholden to three different men; what a wonder." - Veronica Devries
  • "She says she's Tremere, and the others agree with that, but there is just something about her that screams Brujah." - Spencer
  • "My big Sister seems more trouble then shes worth sometimes, but over all she's worth keeping around" - Arthur "Anon" Campori
  • "You are my plus one my Dear." - Rinadlo De Medici
  • "Really, you have never met an Assamite? Well come with me..." - Byron Lancaster
  • "So while at a gather Roni or Zoe if I had to say which one stole the show it was not Roni" Dimitri St. George
  • "I...I've never felt this way about anyone before" -Lydia Brooks
  • "She blew into town right around the time the Anarchs ruined the party for everyone, didn't know where to go and where not to go, and I remember how insanely scared she was to learn the city was right in the middle of Lupine territory. Since then, she's proved to be quite the little golden goose, hasn't she?" - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "One of the best damn hackers I have ever met. Good thing I just as good at security." - Alexander Grant
  • "Untried? Sure. But it really depends on your approach to things. You see, many shy away from those who are untried, worried that they might fail at a crucial time. My own approach when dealing with untried Kindred is quite different -- I try them. They know that if they fail at a crucial time, it will be their last time. The rest is a matter of their self-motivation. I'm fairly certain she understands what's at stake." - Archon Samuel Vesper
  • "I am pleasantly surprised by how much she has achieved so quickly." - Zahra Blanc
  • "They say the mettle of the metal is tested by stress. She held up well when we worked together in Philadelphia." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Ms. Medici is a delight to chat with, in those occasions we find the time. How did we meet you ask? A gentleman never tells..." - Maxwell Jacobs
  • "Zoe has taken on enough responsibilities to span several lifetimes. I hope she makes some time to enjoy her unlife every once and awhile." - Isobel O'Neill
  • "Zoe is the best friend I never had. And this is a childe talking about her sire. She's the only one who gets me to sit down and smell the roses. Take the rose reference as you will."-Erica Kain
  • "My childe has taken on so much responsibility at once, I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or worried." - Percival Berkshire
  • "An unusual Tremere, and impatient at times. But oh so useful." - Margareta Sasul
  • "I have no idea what she does, or how she does it. But it is terribly detrimental to our foes." - The Venetian
  • (Rolling her eyes) "Lets get this show on the road! I don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done."
  • "Classic ravey-lookin' techno-babe, that one. Reckon she could do anyfink she wanted... so long as she 'ad a wifi connection. Not very cheery, tho. She's always doin' that talk-2-u-without-lookin-up-from-er-laptop fing. Bit rude if u ask me. I'd luv 2 see 'er on the dancefloor, tho!!" - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "If you absolutely positively have to find a traffic video of that Tzimisce who left, just before you arrived, then call Zoe." - Lincoln Adams
  • "Sometimes I am uncertain whether I should reward her for what she does or expel her from my city." - Cate Pershing, Prince of Grand Rapids
  • "One minute she is asking to go to a mosh pit, the next minute she is tracking down a traitor to the tower. Ms. De Medici never ceases to amaze or surprise me. " Sebsastian Cross


Known Childer

Known Grand-Childer

Known Associates


May 21, 1981 - Zoe is born to a couple is southern California. Her father left when she was less than a year old.

1999 - Zoe moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being an X-Games star and works as a bike messenger to pay the bills. She becomes involved with the club scene and uses her computer skills to set up underground raves.

2002 - She is ghouled by Rinaldo De Medici after crashing a party; he was so impressed by her spunk that he told security that she was his plus one.

April 19, 2003 - She is poached from Rinaldo by one Percival Berkshire, Prince of Cleveland, moves her to Cleveland.

August 4, 2003- Zoe is ordered to embrace Garrot Stewart (NPC) for Zahra’s experiments.

2005 - Zoe is reunited with Rinaldo during Elysium in Cleveland while Rinadlo visits to set up his guild. Zoe is sent to Mt Pleasant, MI.

2009 - After performing as a DJ in Indianapolis, Zoe meets Rene St George, who agrees to be Zoe's sponsor and mentor in her DJ career. Zoe adopts the stage name DJ Lov3 Bit3.

May 2011 - While Zoe attends a celebration in Grand Rapids, Michigan, reports of the dead rising from their graves go out on the news. While investigating the report, Zoe and the others with her are attacked by a group of shovelheads.

2012 - Zoe assisted in taking Philadelphia back from the Sabbat.

Character Soundtrack

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Player: Allison L.
Storyteller: Jayson T.

Ties - I am looking for ties good, bad and anything else. Please send me an email if you are interested in setting up a tie!

Player: Allison L.

MES Number: US2012030099

Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI